Board Up Service

24 Hour Emergency Board Up Service in Cleveland and Akron, OH

Emergencies can occur anytime of the day or night. Whether it be from storm and high wind damages, a vehicle impacting your home or office building, or from a fire – emergency board up services from Farrow Group of Cleveland and Akron, OH is available 24/7 to secure your property from incurring further damages.

Board Up Services for Fire Damage

Once the fire department releases your home or building, we immediately begin the fire and smoke damage restoration process. To ensure that trespassers or vandals will be kept out, we will safely and securely board-up the windows, doors, and any other areas of your home or building that are exposed.

Board Up Services for Storm and High Wind Damage

Intense storms, high winds, hail, and tornados often cause trees or debris to fall or impact your home or building. In these situations, Farrow Group’s experienced technicians act quickly to respond to your call for board up services. We do not want you to incur further storm damage by having additional rain or debris enter your home or business through the broken glass or door.

Board Up Services for Vehicle Impact

No one thinks a vehicle will come through their home or business but they do. It’s a scary and intense moment when you feel the whole house shake or you hear your building’s glass windows shatter. We are especially concerned for everyone’s safety. Call 911 or the authorities right away and then give us a call to come and secure the area. Farrow Group’s technicians will assist with the cleanup process and then secure the area by boarding up any windows, doors, walls, or other areas that have been damaged.

Since 1945, Farrow Group has been servicing the Cleveland and Akron Ohio communities

Board Up Service - Window in Brick House

24 Hour Emergency Response Services

Our team provides 24-hour emergency response to secure your property. This includes securing and boarding up broken windows and doors, repairing heating and water systems, and assisting with temporary housing (if needed). We take all the necessary measures to assist you before, during, and after the restoration and construction process is complete.




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24 Hours

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