Claim Preparation after loss
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Emergency Services

1.     24 Hour Emergency Service

------A.    Experienced staff on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year

------B.    Fully stocked and Lettered Emergency Service vehicles.

------C.    Fast Response

2.     Restored Utilities

------A.    Farrow Group staffed Electricians & Plumbers

------B.    On Call HVAC Technician

3.     24 Hour Water Mitigation & Extraction

------A.    State of the art equipment

------B.    ICCRC Certified Technicians

4.     Drying Services (Dehumidification)

5.     Selective Demolition and Debris Removal

6.     Vehicle Impact Damage Repairs

7.     Tree Removal

8.     Loss Prevention and Containment

9.     Weatherizing and Temporary Heat

10.  Dry Cleaning and Contents and Structure Cleaning

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Reconstruction and Contracting Services

1.     General Contracting Management

2.     Fire, Wind, Water & Storm Damage

3.     Certified Lead Abatement Technicians

4.     Consulting

5.     Structural Repairs (Rough & Finish Carpentry)

6.     Drywall & Plaster

7.     Roofing, Siding, Windows & Doors

8.     Tile, Hardwood Floors Including Laminates

9.     Soot & Smoke Removal

10.  Odor Removal

11.  Cabinets & Countertops

12.  Electrical Repairs

13.  Plumbing Repairs

14.  Painting & Wallpaper

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Contents Restoration

Cleaning and Restoration of Clothing, Linens, Bedding, Carpeting, Draperies, Furniture, Art, Antiques and Electronics

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Storage Facility

Safe, secure, climate controlled warehouse space is available to our customers to house their personal belongings. The contents that are stored will be cleaned and deodorized using the latest technology in our industry.

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Restorative Dry Cleaning

Farrow’s own dry cleaning plants provide superior garment restoration for clothing, draperies and area rugs. Ozone chambers effectively deodorize clothing and other smoke damaged articles.

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Carpet/Upholstery Restoration

The Farrow Group’s own steam-cleaning vans provide 24 hour emergency water extraction, upholstery cleaning, restorative cleaning and deodorization.

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Decorating Services

The Farrow Group has its own showroom, staffed by professional decorators, Farrow will supply and install carpeting, draperies, wallcoverings and upholstery according to your selections.

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Specialized Restoration

Furniture cleaning and refinishing, upholstery, restoring art objects, servicing electronics and refurbishing lighting accessories, document and file restoration, ultrasonic cleaning, mold remediation, sewage back up, indoor air quality, smoke, odor removal and plumbing.

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1.     Two Estimators

------A.    Developing

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A.    Northern Ohio

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Claim Preparation After a Loss


The information, and techniques herein are
opinions only and is not to be taken as legal advice.

If legal or other expert advice is required by the reader, the services of a competent attorney, accountant, insurance agent, or other professional should be sought.

Notify Your Agent

Notify your Insurance agent or company of the loss. If the loss appears to be small or you are not sure whether the damages are covered, call anyway. In smaller claims, usually $2,000 or less, the insurance agent may be authorized to settle the claim. Anything over that amount will always be handled by an insurance adjuster.

Emergency Repairs

It may be necessary to have someone do immediate repairs such as water removal or an emergency board-up of the structure. If so, speed, efficiency, and proper care is essential in limiting any further loss.

Emergency work can usually be billed directly to the insurance company. If you wish to pay for services directly your insurance company can immediately have a check drawn up and paid to you based on the estimates.

We will fill out and sign the emergency work form and see that you also receive a copy.

Keep your insurance expenses separate from your own personal expenses.

Review Your Policy

The most Home owners Insurance policies provide coverage for five major areas;

personal property,
loss of use,
liability, and
incidental coverage's.

A quick review of your policy will help identify the types of coverage and the amounts insured for. Your agent can assist in answering any questions you might have regarding the extent of your coverage or what is necessary when filing your claim.

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